The River Ribble

from source to sea

Part 14 - Preston city centre

Map of Preston and surroundings. Can you find the location of buildings shown in the photographs?

[photograph of Preston coat of arms]

Granted city status only in the Queen's Golden Jubilee year, nevertheless Preston's history dates back to Roman times. As the lowest crossing point on the Ribble it was an important town before the Industrial Revolution. In became more prominent as Lancashire's textile industry became more important, and Richard Arkwright, inventor of the water frame, was born in the town. (The water frame was a machine which enabled water power to be used to spin cotton). The town became a major producer of cotton goods. Although the cotton industry has declined, Preston's position as a centre of administration and communication have helped it to stay fairly prosperous. The granting of University status to the former college has also brought benefits to the town.

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