The River Ribble

from source to sea

Part 10 - from Settle to Gisburn

Click on this link to see an aerial photograph showing the river as it meanders south of Settle. You could use the zoom and pan buttons on this screen to follow the river and locate the places shown in the photographs. Which is easier to follow - the aerial photographs or the maps?


Bend in river near Rathmell

South of Settle the valley widens, and close to Rathmell the river flows around a series of classic meanders (see link above for aerial photograph).

Not as spectacular as the tight meanders, this picture is taken a little further south (from the B6428). Near the right of this picture, there is evidence of deposition on the inside of the curve, and erosion of the bank on the outside. Both banks appear to have been artificially raised to minimise flooding of the meadows.

North of Settle, sheep were the most common animal seen grazing, but here cattle are more common.


Gisburn Hall

The present hall dates back to 1750, though the estate dates back further. It was owned by Guy of Gisbourne (a character who appears in Robin Hood legends). It is now used as a private hospital.


A59 at Gisburn

Gisburn is a village which straddles the busy A59 trunk road. There are some fine 17th century buildings, including the Ribblesdale Arms pub.


Gisburn livestock market

Although only a village, Gisburn holds a bustling weekly livestock auction. The nearby valley farms rear cattle for beef and dairy products, whilst the hills a little further away are sheep farming areas.

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