The Ribble Way

[photograph of Ribble Way waymarker] This middle distance footpath is 113 km (70 miles) in length. The first section opened in 1985, with the complete path opened shortly afterwards.

The official start of the footpath is the Dolphin Inn at Longton, south of the river between Preston and Southport.

Gavel Gap, high on moors in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, is the end of the path.

I have not walked the whole length of the path - though I have walked various sections in order to take many of the photographs. From e-mails I have received, I do know that some visitors to these pages have made some use of the information in planning the walk. If I were to undertake the complete walk, then I would I would start at Gavel Gap and end at the Dolphin Inn: I'd much rather walk downhill, and finish at a place where I could obtain refreshment!

The Ribble Way by Gladys Sellers was most useful in putting these pages together, though it is no longer in print. A more recent guide, The Ribble Way by Dennis and Jan Kelsall was published in 2005. Useful maps were the OS Outdoor Leisure Maps: Yorkshire Dales - Southern and Western Areas and Forest of Bowland and Ribblesdale.

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